Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun times ahead

Talk about a lull in blogging. I wish I had something cool to share from the month or so that I haven't blogged about anything, but I didn't do much but work. Recently, Holland came to stay with me this week. We had a fun time eating terribly, getting absorbed in our computers, going to high school basketball games (we won them both) and watching fun movies. I'm glad he came though. It's always nice to spend some time with family. I haven't seen much of mine lately. Church duties and school stress has kept me in Gunnison all month. Plus I've got some resolutions about not spending money on things, so I've been avoiding temptation by staying rural. Although in the next month or so I will be getting out and about a bit. To stop this from sounding like a schedule, I'll spare you the details, but I have a lot of lesson plans to create and get ready. One small vacation I am excited about just came to my attention today. One of my brilliant students (she's the sterling scholar and has a 36 English ACT score) entered an essay contest in Decemberish. The essay had to be teacher submitted so I helped her out with that and read it a few times. She has won several poetry contests, but nothing like this. Anyway, her essay was selected as a finalist which means the organization is flying my student, her parent and me to Washington D.C. for three days as part of the Award Program. It is all expenses paid and includes tours of the Library of Congress and National Archives. I couldn't be more excited. Even though I have been to D.C. twice in the last year, these are two sites I've never seen. I can't believe this opportunity for my student. A small town farm girl is going to be recognized for her incredible writing abilities and talent. It will be fun to experience this with her. So to D.C. I go. I wonder if I can apply for residency. I know the subway system as well as anyone. In fact, I still have a ticket with money on it. Maybe I can zero that out by taking a trip to see Doug, Sara and Cameron in some free time.
I have some fun weekends planned and coming up. I'll blog about those as they come. I'm glad it's February. I always like the busy anticipation of spring. It's all so much more lovely than stupid, dreary January. Yay! fun times ahead.