Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vermont Part 2

Hi all,It's been over a year since I last posted and well, that's a long time. So much has happened over the year and I don't think I can report it all. In a nut shell, some big changes have come into my life. I'm dating a pretty incredible guy named Drew. In the pictures above, you'll see we've had quite a few adventures :) I got a new job and am moving to the West Jordan/South Jordan area of Salt Lake in August. I don't have a place yet, but that is where I think I'll be looking. My job is at West Jordan Middle School. It's a rougher school, but somewhere I think I can make a difference. I'm switching to 8th Grade English instead of 11th and 12th which will be . . . interesting, challenging and a bit fun I'm sure. I moved out of my apartment in May and shacked up at the Browns' calling their home my home base while I traveled or stayed home to read one of the many book on my list for the summer. They are some good folk!

I had a few adventures in June. I visited brother Bret and his family in St. George, making a quick, but definitely needed, stop in Pine Valley to visit the Grandparent Snows. I spent a bit of time in Salt Lake right when school got out and went to Yearbook Camp for one last time with my old crew. They won the prize for best concept of a yearbook and I am so proud of them. The new teacher and they will do just fine I think. Other than that, I enjoyed a lot of weekends with Drew. We went to Palisades with parts of my family in June. We went to the Scottish Highland Festival at Thanksgiving Point and took a trip up to Mirror Lake in the Uintas and enjoyed some Bees Baseball with my family too. (pictures above)

Now, however, I am in VERMONT! As part of my Bread Loaf School of English adventures, I decided to spend another Summer in Vermont. This will be the 4th of 5 and I picked an excellent campus. My first ever summer, and I think the first summer of this blog, was spent in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I am walking around and remembering things fondly. I just arrived yesterday and have already connected to my group of friends that have traveled the world with me. It feels like no time has passed since we walked the streets of Oxford together.

I flew in on Sunday to Burlington and met a friend at the airport. Together we split a hotel room for a night before a friend with a vehicle could come pick us up. Unfortunately there is not a lot of public transportation in Vermont. I would have taken an almost $100 taxi ride to Bread Loaf if it weren't for my friend Chris, who chauffeured me and Duckie (friend I met at airport (to school). Today is registration and classes start tomorrow. I am excited for my two classes: Mexican American Literature and African American Poetry since 1960. My poetry professor is one of the who's who in A.A. Lit. and I am more than excited to study with him. I hear he's brilliant. :)

So for now, that's a quick update. I'll try to post pictures and reports of the summer as awesome things happen. Hopefully I'll make it to Montreal or other Canadian places or cool Vermont places as the summer moves along.
Ciao for now!

Blogspot and Picasa have changed so much that I can't seem to find how to imbed a slide show anymore. So if you want photos, you'll have to follow this link.