Sunday, April 18, 2010

Changed for Good

Last night was the end of something super important in my life. Now, some of you may think I'm talking about my parent's marriage, but I'm not mature enough to deal with the end of that yet. (For further info, check out mom's blog. It's a great way to find out your dad is moving out of the house for good (irony of "for good" noted)).

No, last night was the final performance of Jeana's Danceworks Studio. I started dancing with Jeana when I was 10. I was primarily a clogger, but took jazz for a few years too. Dance was a huge part of my identity as a teenager. I still remember all the assemblies of clogging with good friends like Lacey and Megan. I still have the Christmas T-shirt I painted for a Christmas assembly with Megan. We were awesome :) When I moved back to town, I took up classes again. I danced with the performing teenagers last year, and loved it. This year I took the Ladies class with other dancing ladies from around town. Age range was 50 something to my friend Kassie at 22. Kassie and I jazzed and clogged this year. We are natural cloggers, and wanted to challenge ourselves with jazz.
The theme for the company this year was Broadway. My class took on MAMMA MIA, and yes, I danced with the other two single girls in the class to "Take a Chance On Me." (A Crowd favorite I think. At least that's what I took from the "Go Miss Olsen" 's in the crowd.) I had a blast performing and cheesing it up for the crowd. I'm a nerd at heart :)
Anyway, because of some different circumstances, this could be Jeana's last year teaching dance. She has hundreds of dancers in classes like jazz, ballet, hip hop, ballroom and clogging. It's been an honor to know her and to have been one of her dancers. The final show of the night was "Wicked." We pulled Jeana up on stage for the final song of "For Good." She really is one of those people that has changed me for good in the 15 years I've known her.
Look for picutres later in the week. I spilled water on my laptop last week, but it should be back in hand on Tuesday. So, after that I'll post some pics of my awesome performance. Fake eyelashes and glitter included :)