Friday, May 15, 2009


It's G-Day today and I forgot how much I love it. The day started off with an assembly where the students watched a year end video that one of my students and I put together. It was a big hit and I am super proud of it. I'd post it, but it's like 37 minutes long. We distributed books after all the students did service projects around the valley. But the best part of the day is the softball tournament after school. The faculty plays the winning class team. We played my juniors, just like we played my juniors last year. It was great. We lost in the final inning but I had a great time smelling the dirt and sliding in it too. After the game was over I got a cooler of water dumped over my head too. A few of my students were harassing me the other day and I may have mentioned it to my fellow teacher Mr. Johnson. He went ahead and used his shocker on them for me. Needless to say my students swore revenge. After the game one student kind of corralled me into position. (I know what he was doing now, but not at the time of course). A couple of students snuck up behind me and totally soaked me. It was hilarious. Good thing I like these guys otherwise, things could have been ugly. Just kidding. All in good fun, right? So G-day is over and now I can concentrate on grading. YAY!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keane Concert

As usual, I feel like I am as busy as ever. School is winding down, but that just means lots of grading and lots of yearbook stress. I'm ready for summer to start, even though I think I might miss my students eventually. :) No, but this Friday is G-day, or what we use as our final school hoorah. It's also the day yearbooks are distributed. We (I) decided it would be nice to sell a companion DVD along with the books this year and of course creating it has been eating up my time for what feels like years. However, despite all the troubles, I officially passed it off to Mr. Johnson (our school techy) along with a bag full of chocolate as a bribe to entice him to help me finish converting to dvd worthy file. He handed me the finished copy today, and I am ecstatic!!! Now I just have to sell the things and I'm through. *epic sigh of relief

Anyway, I've been busy with other stuff too. Last weekend I finally got to throw Amber her Bridal Shower Bash. It was a Movie themed shower and I think it went over pretty well. I am more and more discovering my overplanning tendnecies, but the good news is I have treats to share with my students on our extra credit movie night (we just finished reading A Raisin in the Sun). So, they get extra credit and candy. How sweet is that! Anyway, there are a few of our paparazzi photos in the slide show. Thanks again, Amber, for letting me have an excuse to party.

I also invited my mom down for Mother's Day. It just so happens that I had to speak in a different ward that Sunday too. We went to the Single's Branch and then skipped over to the different sacrament meeting. I hear I did pretty well. My students in the ward didn't give me too much grief. It was great to have Mom here. Kassie and I cooked dinner here at the Browns'. Love you, Mom!

Also, Holland graduated. The whole family was there. Bret and Lori (my brother and sister-in-law) just bought a house and spent most of the time fixing it all up. I got a lot of niece and nephew time in, but not much sibling time. I'm going to try and make it to St. George one more time before I leave for the summer. There are also some pictures in the slideshow. I especially love the one's of Aiden in the water fountain. That kid has no fear.

Last night I went to a concert at Kingsbury Hall that was amazing. I bought the tickets months ago and nearly forgot until a week ago. Keane was the headline band. They are a fairly popular British band that got big here a few years ago. I saw them in concert in, like, 2005 but they haven't been back since. They have really matured as a band though, and their show was 10 times better now than before. That's saying a lot since they were pretty good before too. In fact, I would say they are better live than on cd, but Tom Chaplin (lead singer) has so much energy that the songs change when he's up there dancing around. Anyway,I got an extra bonus while at the concert too. I was just mentioning to my friend Kassie--she was kind enough to come along without knowing the band-- about who the opening band might be. The girl next to me heard and said it was supposed to be Mat Kearny. Now I like Keane, but I love Mat Kearny. I was thrilled, and the news completely made my night. He's got a new album coming out on the 19th. He played a few new tracks and I'm super impressed. It gets better and better. Above you may notice a new playlist with a mixture of my favorite songs from the evening. I didn't have a camera or a working phone, so no pictures, but if you don't know either band I promise they won't disappoint.

Now I'm getting ready for the end of school and the beginning of summer. I have a busy three or four weeks: two weddings, boy scout camp, and lots of packing to do for North Carolina and Vermont. Plus I have a fairly intimidating stack of books to read before school starts. I guess I should get right on that . . .