Saturday, January 16, 2010

Resolution smesolution!

I had plans. This year was going to be different. I was going to be money smart, health smart and time smart. No more procrastinating and no more living life in a mess of unorganized thoughts etc. I'm so glad that two weeks into the new year, I am able to see the fallacy in having so much faith in myself :) Just kidding. I wrote out what has been going on in my life over the last few weeks, but it all sounded dark and dreary. Things are actually pretty good, busy and stressful, but good. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I haven't seen the sun at all this week. I get to school in the dark and because it's the end of the quarter, I leave well after dark too. I was hopeful to see it today, but alas, it's gray. So instead of looking back, I'll look forward. Apparently my brother Holland is going to come spend the first week of February with me, which is bound to add some excitement. I don't have to go to school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I'm finished with my grading. I have everyday of the next unit planned out, and I'm excited for those plans. Mostly my life is boring when I look at it from the outside. No cute kid pictures to post or pregnant belly updates like most of my friends and family. You'll just have to be satisfied with a photo of my first successfully grown amarylis. It's beautiful. Maybe I'll have to take this flower as a consolation of these dreary January blues, may they leave as quickly as the buds wither.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Heavenly Holidays

I guess it's about time I updated my blog for the holidays. In a nutshell, they've been great. I got together with my family in Pine Valley (mountains above St. George) for Christmas. I love Pine Valley Christmases. We spent four days playing games, watching movies and eating delicious food. I really like my family and love spending such quality time listening to Grandpa Snow's stories and watching my awesome nieces and nephews. We took family pictures while we were in Pine Valley. I didn't get great ones, but I'm hoping a sibling's camera snagged a better copy.

The rest of my break has been spent hanging out at home. I've been going to the fitness center at the school all week. I hope to find time in my real life to keep that habit up. One night, I invited the Otten kids (my adopted second family) over for a sleepover. That was my Christmas present to them. We had dinner and cooked 'smores in the fire place, watched Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, played this great new game Kassie bought called Quelf (we kind of wish we could have played it with adults), and slept in the same room. It wasn't the best night's sleep I ever had, but it worked and was pretty fun. We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and played around all morning and into the afternoon. It was a pretty fun day.

This weekend, I got to work doing all that I've been procrastinating. I had a mountain (literally) of papers to grade. I got enough done for my A day classes on Monday and will have to finish up B-day tomorrow. I should be grading now, but . . . whatever :) Today Kassie and I had fun with dinner. I got the Costco cookbook from mom a few Christmases ago, but have lost it in transit somewhere. Kim and Cody gave me a new one this Christmas and I have been cooking up a storm. Tonight I tried Apricot Glazed Salmon and I really enjoyed it. I'm grateful Kassie puts up with my experimental cooking. I might have to track down a roast and some red potatoes for next Sunday. You know, make her feel more comfortable. Anyways, we had a good time cooking together. We took pictures because it looked just like the cookbook. I know, even I'm impressed with it. I asked Kassie what we should cook next and she asked if there were any recipes with Steak. I'm taking that as a hint. Like I said, Kassie is nice to put up with all the fish and chicken I make.

That's sparkling cider left over from New Year's Eve I promise.

Anyway, school starts tomorrow and I'm really going to miss wasting all my time away. I'm sure I'll find some time to waste this week regardless. Bring on the schedule.