Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Routine

Man, I need to update my blog. Hi. I'm Arti and this is my blog (a version of what I say to my students to start class). Anyway. Things are good. School started Monday of this week, so life continues (whether I'm ready or not). I've met all my students and we've done some work together. Boring. No really, it's been a fun few days. I picked up College English in my class schedule, which means I am teaching some fairly elite seniors. When I met with them on Wednesday, it felt like an honest to goodness college English class. It felt really good to know that they were keeping up with me. Plus I could refer to things from last year and they got the reference. Teaching seniors is going to be a blast.
All my other classes are going pretty well. We are on a block A/B schedule this year so it is weird that I don't see my students everyday. I feel like I hardly know them, but we've been in session a week. Weird.
In other news, the Browns (the couple I've been living with) went to the MTC last week. They're headed to Ghana, Africa. I think they are stopping by this weekend before they head to the airport and fly away for two years. It's been crazy without them around. Much quieter, and the food isn't quite so good :) In fact I've only really cooked once. Thank heavens for left overs, and Kassie's kind siblings.
Last weekend was the first Jim Olsen family reunion. My brother Bret did a great job getting us all together for a great camping/hiking weekend. We hiked through Orderville Canyon and down through the narrows, approx. 10 miles. It could have been a 13 mile hike but we got a lift from some nice people from Delta. They drove us on this wicked dirt road that consists of the first 2-3 miles of the hike. Kharma. The hike was beautiful. I always forget how beautiful that part of Utah is until I'm smack-dab in the middle of it. Bret, Lori, their scout friends Ryan and Brent took the lead on the hike and left Cody, Kim and me in the dust. We figure that we're very different kinds of hikers, and I'm still amazed at how sure-footed Lori is. (I try to blame it on my little legs, but that excuse only goes so far.) We had a blast though. Bret and Cody coached me through my first ever repelling experience, and then we did it again. I got a little bruised up when I fell of a log, but other than that made it through unscathed. Naturally, I've been walking gingerly ever since, but what can you do? Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Holland for watching the little ones while we hiked. It really was a great weekend.
Not much else is coming up. In fact, I'm looking forward to staying home for a while to relax from my busy summer and August. We'll see how that goes. I always seem to find something to fill my time with. Which reminds me. I've got a storage unit to empty. Anyone want some junk? Let me know.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Final Days

My classes ended yesterday, and I hardly know what to do with myself. Just kidding. I totally took a nap this morning and loved it. Classes went well. I learned more than I imagined and will be a better teacher now because of Bread Loaf. People have been leaving in droves the last day and a half. I've said goodbye to some pretty great people, and I'm a little sad. I have mixed feelings about me still being here. I am happy to get a few days to relax and enjoy the Vermont countryside, but I am also really anxious to go home. I've missed my family and the Browns too. I have to stay until Saturday because I'm on the dining hall wait staff. There isn't much work for us until Saturday night. We have to serve at the graduation banquet. I hear the ceremony is pretty cool, but it will be nice to get on the road. My mom is flying in on Saturday morning to drive back with me. She'll only be here that day, but I already have lots of plans for us. So much to see, so little time.
Anyway, Mom has the drive planned out but we should be back in Utah on the 11th, and I'll be in Gunnison on the 12th. The Browns (the couple I live with) are leaving for their mission on the 17th. I'm sure their family will be around and that will be fun to see everyone. I can't believe there is so little time between my arrival and their departure. It will be sad to say goodbye to my second family.
School starts the 24th and there has been an adjustment to my teaching schedule. Snow College has agreed to let me teach College English at the high school. I am so excited and have been planning curriculum since I heard the news. It will be great to have see the Seniors in class again.
In short, I'm stoked to be coming home in a few days. I really can't wait to see the Utah Mountains and the faces of my family and friends. See you soon!

The pictures above are of some of the people I've met here. A few from the Suppressed Desires dance (you dress as your suppressed desire. Yes the costumes were creative). But most of them are from the wait staff reception. The school through us a cocktail party where we got dressed up and the faculty served us instead of us serving everyone. It was a lot of fun. The planners were even considerate of the fact that I don't drink. They had sparkling cider :) My Mormon friend John and I really appreciated it. We had a blast and took many pictures.