Friday, December 19, 2008

Going to the Inauguration

So I have really exciting news. I got tickets to the inauguration for President-elect Obama. I know! Isn't that crazy? All I had to do was contact my senators and Senator Bennett totally hooked me up. I invited my mom and Kassie Brown to come with me. We will fly out on the 19th of January and come home on the 21st. Doug and Sara are letting us stay with them. I am so excited. I mean, who gets to do this sort of thing? So instead of watching on TV while sitting in a warm room at home, I will watch in the freezing cold on a jumbo-tron in DC. Much cooler right? Ya well, I let you know how it goes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update for the holidays

Hey, I haven't blogged in a while, so I thought I would give an update. Thanksgiving was a blast. I met up with my family in Pine Valley, and took a friend. My basement-mate, Kassie, and I drove down together and spent the weekend eating, talking, and watching my nephews and niece waddle around. I had a pretty great time. While we were there we took a family picture. Don't we look great?
It was nice to be together for the holidays. Christmas will be different with all of us in various places. I am hoping for lots of snow this weekend so I can spend most of the break skiing regardless of my family's plans. Please let it snow. 

I recently applied to grad school. Utah State, University of Utah and the Bread Loaf School of English are the schools for which I have applied. I don't know what will happen, and at this point I don't know if grad school is my best option. It will be hard to walk away from a good job only to become a poor college student again. I might be worrying for nothing though. Maybe I won't get accepted and my decision will be made for me. Ah, the indecisive person's dream. (hehe) 

Here are some other pictures of the weekend:
Kassie and Me on the Pine Valley Porch. Aren't we cute?
My niece and nephew are turning one this month so we had a party for them. Here they are having their cake and eating it too. Faye handled hers delicately while Aiden ate his in one giant bite.

And here is Parker. He is always the life of any party.