Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NAMI Walks for the Minds of America

Hey Everyone!
I know my brother Bret has a similar post on his page, but I figure that I might have a few different followers than he does. I know a lot of you don't know everything about my life and my family or what I spent two summers between college terms doing with my time, so let me just take a second and fill you in:

Jobless, moneyless, and hopeless I found myself at the mercy of my parents one summer. By some sort of Providence (or the whisperings of the Spirit, whichever you prefer) a member of my parent's ward asked me to come volunteer at her work. Two days later, I was getting paid the big bucks(not really but enough) to put all my talents into the NAMI organization. NAMI is the National Alliance for Mental Illness and does a lot of great work educating the public about mental illness. They are all about fighting the stigma and the power, getting legislation passed and helping families and consumers in need. I fell in love with the people at NAMI, and more importantly, the work. I had never worked for a non-profit organization, but I quickly caught the vision and came to terms with some of my own issues. As a daughter, sister, and friend to people who have dealt with mental illnesses, NAMI helped me see what I can do to help those close to me and myself through some pretty dark times.

I don't want to get too sappy or reveal too much about the people I care about (falling victim to the stigma here, but they aren't my stories to tell). BUT, what I really need you all to help me with is a donation fundraiser. It's sort of short notice, but NAMI is sponsoring a 5k this weekend in SLC, and my immediate family is joining me. We are trying to round up as many donations as possible to help with the fundraising goal. I have a personal goal of $100, and so far I have collected zero. The money raised here goes straight to NAMI Utah: Our own local entity that does things in our state to help people you care about fight the good fight. I used to help run this event, and I know it is all legit. They don't even give out free swag (for the sake of pure honesty,they do give out donated prizes from sponsors).

Seriously though, anything you can offer will help. $5, $10, whatever. If you go to my walk page, you can donate straight through the site. I've used it before, and you won't get attacked by emails and no one will give out your info.
Also, if you have nothing to do Saturday at 10:00 feel free to join me. We're walking at Spring Mobile Ball Park. Join Team Voldemort today by following the above link, or at least help us meet our fundraising goal!

Love you mean it,
Arti O.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Post (for lack of better title)

I don't know what happened. I used to be so good about updating my blog, and here I am waiting weeks and months between updates. Mostly that's okay. I'm only sparing you all from hearing about the trivial monotony of my life. Going to school all day and coming home, doing nothing and going to school the next day doesn't provide much fodder for the blog. But, a few things have happened. These week I was treated with my brother Holland's presence. Since he is the Dixie recruiter for our area he stayed here for two days while he made the rounds to all of the high schools. It was fun to hang out. One night while he was here I had a party for the high school club I advise. We had a great time entertaining my students, playing games, and trying out the new Beatles Rockband that one of my students was kind enough to bring for our playing enjoyment. I keep trying to think of reasons not to buy a gaming system and then I remember that it would probably take over my life. :) So it was fun to have Holland here.

School is going fine. I went to the football game tonight and had something funny happen. I am in charge of the Junior class fundraiser for prom, and one of my students came to get me when they were finished selling things in order for me to take the cash box. Apparently I was sitting near his mom and grandma (who is just here visiting. she's not from town.). Later I was walking around the bleachers and walked past this same student with his mom and grandma in tow. My student (who is a boy) says, "Ms. Olsen, I have a funny story." I said, "Yeah? What's that?" He looks at his grandma and says, "Nevermind. I'll tell you Monday." Of course my curiosity is peeked and I urge him to tell me. My student's mom chimes in. When he came to get me for the money box, his grandma asked my student's mom if I was the girl he had asked to Homecoming. I guess my student's mom told grandma that I was his teacher. She seemed pretty embarrassed about it, but I laughed pretty hard. I told her it was fine, that I am still fairly young. Anyway, I thought it was funny and yet another example of why sometimes it's awkward being a young, single teacher. Ah the stories I can tell. But hey, it makes me glad that I can still pass as a high school student. That's why I dress up at school. Otherwise nothing would prevent me from blending right in.

Not much else is going on. I am going to the State Fair tomorrow with my friend Kassie. I have never been, so it should be fun. I posted pictures from our fun night at the Sanpete County Fair. We went to the rodeo with my other friends (and Kassie's sister and brother-in-law) Mike and Lacey. We had a blast.